August 3, 2011
Land of the free and the home of the Brave.

Life just got a little easier for we non-American entrepreneurs (the brave) to join the ranks of the America’s best minds (the free).

Long story short, yesterday’s news is like a lungful of fresh air wrapped in a warm blanket:

  • We can now attain an H1-B visa through a company we are a beneficiary in so long as we can be fired (n.b. those with co-founders). [post-script: apparently this is extremely expensive]
  • We can attain a Green Card through our own company so long as we can prove we are exceptional and of benefit to the United States’ interests. (n.b. solo pros)

What was once a gray-area has now been clarified so on behalf of non-American entrepreneurs everywhere - and myself especially - thank you.

[N.B. I am no visa lawyer and the above is my interpretation of events, for more information see here and here. Also, Geoff McQueen has written a useful blog post on the E3 visa process]

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